On Wednesdays we wear black

On Wednesdays we wear black

Adorable Murphy Macmanus - The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day


Pizza reedus!!!!


let my blog relax you

How do people end up in relationship after relationship after relationship and I can’t find a single person to even find me remotely interesting for a solid ten seconds? 



untitled by Josh Sinn on Flickr.

let my blog relax you
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now i can dajfisafsakjfa openly: the collabo with sabrina  is so great!!!! thanks for doing this with me, schatz!

I love you awe (big hugs)


collaboration with nnormanreedus : Travis/Scud AU

Forsaken. That’s what this was. His friends were forsaken, his old life was forsaken, and he’d be forsaken for eternity. No amends could be made for what he had done. Yet a part of him couldn’t feel bad about it. When it comes down to “kill or be killed”, survival instinct kicks in and you will fight. And maybe, with some luck, so will you. So had he.

Walking with his shoulders hunched over, in a big jacket with a hood, in the rain, he felt like he’d done this too many times before. Standing in the rain, it was. Lifting his eyes from the ground, he peeked around and saw…nothing. And empty, grey industrial area. Street-lights glowing with the bare imitation of actual light gave the impression of fog surrounding him. The rain got a little less intensive but the air was still cold enough to form clouds when he exhaled. Hands deep in his pockets, no one saw that he still had the little gun. The gun that had started it all.

The plan had been good. Really good. And he and Cathy had been confident it would work. Problem was, Derrick wasn’t a dumb dude. An asshole, yes, but not a bit stupid. So somehow he had figured it out.

While Travis and Derrick had fought for the gun and it had slipped away for a second, Derrick somehow had managed to do the impossible: he switched the gun with one containing actual bullets. So in the mess afterwards, while Travis tried to stay true to his role, he hadn’t noticed that Cathy had actually been hit. That she was dying. By the time Travis found out, it had been to late. Still trying to get Derrick to confess, he failed to notice that the video didn’t start. So when his performance got stuck after Derrick had yelled out the truth, Travis got insecure. And Derrick knew. Oh yes, he knew. A big, fat knowing, condescending smile marked the entrance of failure. “Think you two can trick me? Think again YOU ASSHOLE!” Coming close, he had put an arm around Travis and said in his charming way “You know, I really hate doing what I have to do know. But you left me with no choice. And don’t even try to get help. Nobody will come”

Derrick had taken care of the people waiting on the roof already. But how? And when? The cop making an entrance from the upper room didn’t even have a chance to blink. His one arm still around Travis, he leveled the gun on the shoulder and squeezed. The noise left Travis’ ear ringing. So when Derrick faced him again, he saw his opponents mouth moving but couldn’t make out the words. Not that it did matter. Something cold inside took over. Something…feral. With a strength and speed previously unknown to even himself, he launched himself onto Derrick and landed some pretty good blows. Yet a bullet went straight through his shoulder. The pain was breath-taking, almost numbing him. But his hands had locked in an iron grip around Derrick’s throat…

story by me, gifs by sabrina. for part two, go to her blog.

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I never watched downtown abbey, I just wanted to fit in.
Bitch please!
Gabriel to Cas
How are you dean?

supernatural is everything I have ever wanted right now